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Kitbots and Fingertech Robotics have joined forces to develop a new range of hubs for smaller bots in the Fairyweight (250g) to Mantis (6lb) weigh classes.

The hubs are the result of years of combat experience and offer high performance, problem free tire and hub replacement and all at a lower cost.

The tire is retained by a custom washer that is held in place with a snap ring.  The washer features a recess that locks the snap ring in position reducing the chance that it is damaged in combat.  The hub is secured to the motors shaft by a larger (8-32) set screw.  This allows a larger and more robust hex key to be used and reduces the chance of the set screw screw recess or hex key rounding off.

The hubs are anodized for good looks and come in two sizes to suit the popular 3/4" wide Lite Flite or the narrower, 1/2" wide Lectra Lite Tires, and with 3mm or 4mm bores.

The wide hubs only weigh 0.25oz (7g) complete and the narrow ones are only 0.21oz (6g) each.


iges file of the 3mm x 0.5 Snaphub assembly

iges file of the 4mm x 0.5 Snaphub assembly

The snap rings are fitted and removed using an external snap tool as shown above,  You can get them at any decent hardware store or I found these ones on Amazon for around $6.  No more struggling with loctited screws!