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Ant and Fairy Gearmotors

I have been using these motors for some yaers in my Antweight "Saifu" kits my tracked antweight "Swiss cheese wedge of Doom" and my fairyweight wedge "Bleuhh Cheese"

The latest version of my Antweight "Saifu".  It uses the 500rpm version with 3S Lipo and 2" wheels.   Its ability in the arena can be seen in this video.

Whilst the Chassis design needs some work to be competitive the 500rpm versions of the motors provided good performance even with tracks in my 3D printed Antweight "Swiss Cheese wedge of Doom"

Video of it in the arena can be seen here.

I used the 1000rpm version at 2S lipo and with 1.25" wheels  in my 3D printed Fairyweight wedge "Bleuhh Cheese".

The motors are likely too heavy to use in a weaponed fairyweight but they do just fine in a 2WD wedge as can be seen in this video .