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Bot Hockey

All New!!

Article from Servo Magazine -pdf

All new 15lb class Bot Hockey kit.


3/8" Thick Polycarbonate side, front and rear panels

1/4" Thick Polycarbonate  top and bottom panels

3/8' Nutstrip

All stainless steel fastenings

interlocked panels

UHMW motors mounts  (HF motors , wheels and hubs available at additional  cost

Mountings for Robot Power XXL ESC

Room for two battery packs

Mounting for Team Whyachi MS05 Power switch

High density Foam Block for internal battery location



Video of the first Test


Video of Bots in action at the Durham Museum of life and Science

Video 1

Video 2

Note: only the blue bot is driven by an experienced driver.  The Red and yellow ones are driven by kids out of the audience.

Video of the bots in action at Clash of the Bots

Video 1

You will need to add gearmotors, Speed controllers, battery and radio control equipment to complete your bot. We can source these parts for you and if required, supply full kits or even fully assembled kits built to your specification. Please order on www.kitbots.com or contact us at kitbots@nc.rr.com to discuss what you require.  These kits are also available as part of an educational package.