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Four Wheel Drive Drivetrain

This kit of parts lets you build a four wheel drivetrain using only two cordless drillmotors, similar to that in the CS3 kit.

The design has proven to be remarkably tough and reliable. A varient that allowed the use of much bigger motors was used in our 30lber as well and powered it to a National Championship 1st place. The belts and driven wheels were standard but handled the extra power without problems.

The design works with the drillmotors rigidly mounted and the driven wheels adjustable to allow easy belt replacement and tensioning.

Templates are provided to let you cut out the appropriate holes in your bots sidewalls and wheelbases of 100mm to 200mm and greater are possible in 5mm increments. Please email to confirm that your desired wheelbase is possible.

Solidworks Model of ref assembly

IGS file of ref assembly

pdf of ref drawing

4" Wheel   Sldprt     Igs

5" Wheel   Sldprt     Igs

Weight for drivetrain as shown:

20 oz with 3" x 7/8" wheels

26.2 oz with 4" x 7/8" wheels

35.4 oz with 5" x 7/8" wheels