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Hubs for 24mm Banebots

These are hubs I developed to fit lite flight wheels to the 24mm Banebots gearmotors (as used in PBD2 kits).

The 6061 Aluminium hubs replace the plastic hubs that come with the Lite Flite wheels. The hub is threaded with the correct 1/4 - 20 Left hand Thread to match the gearboxes, a small spacer is provided to space the wheel away from the gearbox and a large custom washer is secured in place by a 4-40 screw (not supplied). This screw should be secured with Loctite.

This design has seen extensive combat in both "Pure Dead Brilliant" and "Maniac Kathy"


Drawings of the three parts are below:




IGS file of 24mm Banebots with hub attached

The 24mm motors are no longer available but these hubs are still available as a special order.  Please email kitbots for details

Hubs can be produced to suit almost any wheel and motor, ask and we might be able to help.