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Universal Drill Motor Mounts

These watercut blocks have been replaced by a cheaper version however a block of the same dimensions is available on request to kitbots@nc.rr.com

These UHMW blocks are precision water cut and machined to fit on a standard 550  or 700 sized cordless drill motor. The front mount prevents the gearbox from turning whilst the rear mount supports the motor. .

Drawings of the blocks themselves and of an assembly of them fitted to an 9.6v or 18v Harbor Freight are below.

Motor mounting hole pattern drawing

Zipped fileof Solidworks and IGES assemblies

Front mounting:

Solidworks             IGS                PDF

Rear Mounting:

Solidworks              IGS                 PDF

They have mounting holes on the face and on one set of edges. The holes are drilled to suit being tapped with 10-24 thread or you can use #10 Plastite or similar screws.

Now you can use these cheap but powerful motors in your design without worrying about the lack of convenient mounting holes.