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B16 Motor Mounts

The B16 Motors available from the Robot Market Place are probably the most popular ones used in beetle class (3lb) combat robots. 

However the Double D on the front face and tiny M2 screws are less than ideal for mounting them.

Our new Drum Beetle "Weta - God of Ugly things" required a neat solution to the problem and we came up with these mounting plates.

The plates are screwed onto the front face of the the motor with the M2 x 5 screws provided (loctite recommended), a hole in the side of the chassis just big enough for the body of the motor to pass through and then the plate is screwed to the outside of the chassis

The #4 Plastite screws provided are ideal for use in a plastic chassis but you could use 4-40 machine screws (not provided) into tapped holes in a metal chassis.

Each set comes with enough parts to mount two motors

The mounts weigh 0.2 oz each inclusing the screws or 0.4 oz per pair.


Solidworks model

Iges Model

B16 Motor Solidworks Model

B16 Motor Iges Model

B16 Mounting dimensioned drawing