Jan 24 Update
Jan 29 Update
Feb 4 Update
Feb 7 Update
Reversible ESC
Weta Punga

Feb 7, 2010 Update

Did not get nearly as much done this weekend as I would have wished as I  spent all Saturday finding and buying Andrew a car! We pick it up next week. 

Worked quite a bit on Sunday however and got the Drum finished.

It spins very freely on the steel shaft.   Weight so far is less than 2.25 lbs so with just battery, ESCs and the UHMW rear and wheel guards we should have no problems


First Test drive!  Weta drives and weapon spins up fast and the reversible ESC works well.

Weta, God of Ugly things after its first competition at Mororama 2010.  A little knocked about but we were happy witth its second place.  The only major problem was with the shaft collars that secured the weapon shaft.