Pure Dead Brilliant

Feb 4 Update

The motor mounting plates arrived and work really well. I drilled four pilot holes each side for the plastite screws.  These are so neat I've added them to the kitbots site.

The drum is made in two main parts.  The drum and one end wall were machined out of a piece of 6061 Al 3" bar and with a wall about 3/8" thick.  The other end wall was machined seperately but is a nice neat fit so less strain will be placed on its securing screws.  The end wall are both drilled out for a press fit of the brnze bushes and the 40 tooth 3mm HTD pulley was machine out to match the diameter of the flange on the bush so that it will be centered accurately when I attach it with screws. The hub on the pulley was removed at the same time.

Still have to drill and tap the end wall and pulley so I can add the M4 screws that will hold it together.  I also have  to drill and tap for the M8 screws that will be the teeth. 

Chassis and the Drum.......

The wheels are mounted on the wonderful 4mm "Daves Hubs"