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Motorama 2010

Surgical Strike    v    It Stings

In our first fight Surgical Strike fought It Stings, a new Drum bot from Florida.  We were pretty confident going into the fight as our large horizontal blade has usually had little problems with Drums in the past.  We got a couple of good hits in when our bot just suddenly stopped working and was counted out.  The problem turned out to be nothing more than a broken connector between the Battery and the bots wiring loom.

Pure Dead Brilliant    v    Misdirected Aggression

Pure Dead Brilliant's first fight was against Misdirected Aggression.  The latter has what is probably the longest beetleweight blade in the world and far outreached the blade on our bot. The fight started really well with P.D.B. removing one of his opponents wheels in the first hit. That did not stop M.A. from still shuffling around on one wheel and with the blade still spinning dangerously.  Andrew went in for a couple more hits then kept out of range until it was noticed that the big blade on M.A. was slowing down, Andrew attacked again and after a couple more good hits M.A. tapped out.

Weta, God of Ugly Things    v    Traumatizer

Weta's UHMW armour was unperturbed by Traumatizer's Blade and Andrew dominated the fight to get a quick Judges decision. The bot was flipped a couple of times but he had simply reversed the drum and kept fighting.

Pure Dead Brilliant   v   Sting

We were up again the very next fight with Pure Dead Brilliant fighting Sting . This bot was a miniature version of the 12lber "It Stings" that we had met earlier. P.D.B. lost a tooth (the 10-24 mounting screws had sheared off) which so unbalances the blade that it is useless, and then lost one wheel so we tapped out.

Pure Dead Brilliant   v   Traumatizer

Traumatizers blade failed early on then a little later the pulley on the weapon motor on P.D.B. came apart and our blade stopped as well.  The fight descended into a pushy fight and we got what must have been a close Judges decision. 

Surgical Strike   v   Deranged

We had a lucky victory over Deranged at Franklin in 09 but I was under no illusions that it would be that easy again.  We had fitted our new hardened S7 blade and decided to go all out, no holds barred, right from the start. Bright Ti sparks flew as our blade hit his armor  and then we cut into his underside and hit his LiPo Battery. Large quantities of smoke and puffs of flames started billowing from Deranged but he kept on fighting (fig 5) and in his last hit snapped our blade in two! The fight was then stopped by the judges under the new "if your bot catches fire you lose" rule and S.S. had won by a technical knockout!

Pure Dead Brilliant   v   Revenge or Dr Super Brain

Our opponent is a lifter/flipper but it proved no match for P.D.B. and after being knocked around for a while, he tapped out.

Surgical Strike   v   Acute Pain

Surgical Strike had a relatively easy next fight against the wedge Acute Pain. We ran over the wedge a few times until S.S. ripped off the front edge of it and while Acute Pain proved tougher than expected we did enough to get a win by a judge's decision.

Weta, God of Ugly Things   v   Another Brick in the wall

The problem was that Weta could not get a bite on A.B.I.T.W.s front armor and that combined with his excellent driving and powerful drive train meant an easy judges win for our opponent and Weta now down into the losers brackets.

Surgical Strike   v   Sonic the Hedgehog

This was possibly the shortest fight of the weekend, with only about 5 seconds of action. Both Bots spun up and S.S. drove over and delivered one big hit.  The Bots flew in opposite directions. Sonics was upside down and with its shell badly dented whilst S.S. was upright but with the weapon disabled and with drive on only one wheel. Sonic was counted out and we had won.

Pure Dead Brilliant   v   Son of Thump

Pure Dead Brilliant then fought Son of Thump.  This bot had interchangeable weapons and had swapped its wedge/lifter for the Drum from Sting and the fight went the same way as the first. P.D.B. lost a tooth and then a wheel and we tapped out.  P.D.B. was out of the competition.

Weta   v   Sting  

Weta against Sting. The two drum bots went at it head to head with perhaps Sting getting the better of the fight until Weta dislodged and cut Stings power up link to get the knock out.

Surgical Strike    v    Ntertainment

Surgical Strikes last fight was up against the excellent Drum Bot Ntertainment.  I had pretty high hopes of beating him this time as it seemed to be having some problems in its previous fights but it was not to be.  An early hit knocked our blade down the shaft again, jamming it and a second hit wrecked the Weapons drive motor (again!) and we tapped out.

Weta   v   One Fierce Round House

We definitely got the worse of the damage losing two teeth and the drums axle starting to come out but Weta had been more aggressive and that seemed to have swung the judges decision in our favor.

Weta   v   One Fierce Uppercut

Weta was starting to look a little battered and as we could only fit two teeth to the drum now it was a little out of balance.  This didn't matter though against One Fierce Upper Cut where we traded flipping each other over.  This was no problem to Weta with its full invertability and reversible Drum but O.F.U.C. was virtually helpless when overturned.  Andrew flipped him back once but the second time he got stuck in a corner and was counted out

Beetleweight Finals:  Weta   v   Another Brick in the Wall

Weta had to fight Another Brick in the Wall again for first place but the fight was a repeat of the first and A.B.I.T.W won easily. We were still pleased with our second place with our first Drum in its first competition.