Side panel Jig
Adding Armor

Weta Punga!

Weta Punga! is the the first production kit version of my successful new 3lb drum Spinner "Weta, God of Ugliness".

The chassis is slightly bigger  and uses 7075 Al top and bottom panels rather than the Carbon Fibre used in the original.  A front bulkhead provides greater rigidity.

The kit will be able to take B16 Beetle motors or the faster 1000rpm motors available through Ebay.

Trial assembly of some of the parts.  Baseplate and bulkhead are 1/6" 7075 and side wall is 1/3" UHMW.  The new mini nurstrip is used to fit the bulkhead whilst the standard size is used to attach the exterior armor.  The new 1000 RPM motors and mounts fiteasily into the predrilled holes.

See how the holes are added to the sides for the top and bottom Panels here.