Pure Dead Brilliant

Weta, 24th January Update

Ordered a couple of 1050mAH 40C liPos from www.hobbycity.com.  I would have liked to also get some of the new power connectors they use but they were out of stock so I'll refit these with deans type for Motorama.

I machined a recess to into the top and bottom of each side piece.  This will make it a little harder for an opponents weapon to catch the edges of the Carbon Fibre panels.

The top and bottom panels were cut out of 2mm thick Carbon Fibre using a Jigsaw and a fine toothed blade. CF dust is a nasty irritant so moisten the cut area and clean it up after the cuts.

To give clearance for the radius on the end of each recess in the side walls, I snipped off 1/4" corners off one end of the panels using tin snips.

I taped both panels together to drill the required mounting holes.

Pilot holes were drilled for the "Plastite"screws I'll use to hold the bot chassis together. The tape on the bit was used so that the holes were the correct depth.

 A trial assembly showed that the assembly is remarkably stong and rigid.