5 November, 2005

The Drive Motors for the wheels will be mounted using rings cut from 3/8" Lexan. We could get these water cut but since we have plenty of time and Lexan we'll do them ourselves

First we made a drawing of the part scaled 1:1 and then printed it out as a template.

We then made simlar templates for the rear motor mounts.

Similarly a template was made for the bulkhead that will close the back of the top tube.  This will also mount the main power on/off switch.

The drawing were printed out multiple times then the outlines cut out and stuck to the Lexan using 3M spray on adhesive. First "Double D" openings for the gearboxes are roughed out using drill and .

Next they are filed out until the gearboxes are a neat fit. When all four "Double D"s are finished it was easy to  cut around the outside profile of each and file until they they too fit snugly inside the rear tube.

Andrew cut out four foam "doughnuts" that will form the rear motor mounts. The foam will hopefully protect the motors from shock without trapping too much heat in the motor itself.

The mountings as they will fit on the HF motors. They are a good fit into the rear tubes. The Lexan ring will be secured in place to the chassis with edge tapped screws. I'll use small hose clips to retain the gearboxes from backing out of the "Double D"  Holes.

Not as pretty as if they were CNC machined or Water cut but they'll do the job fine.