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Going Brushless
24 Sept 2007
08 Rebuild

24 September, 2007

And then there were two......

I had made two chassis when first building our first 12lber bar spinner "Surgical Strike" and after its great success at RoboGames I have decided to finish the second one using mostly spare parts we already had. The new bot will be called "Blunt Instrument"


The first things to make were brackets for mounting the rollover bar.


We had two broken weapon axles at Motorama 2007 so we need to increase axle size from 1/2" to 5/8".  First job is to mill out the existing 3/4" axle mounting tube......


........and replace it with a piece of thick walled 1" tube. We needed a little filing of the hole to get a good fit.


The ends of the 1" tube need to be bored out to the right diameter for the bigger bronze bushes.


A perfect fit.


The second chassis and new parts ready for welding.


I got a few more brushless motors from United Hobbies .  The big one is a HXT50-55 with a 8mm shaft that will replace the HXT42-50 used on "Surgical Strike" and should give a power increase of about 50%.

The smaller motor is a TowerPro 3520-6 which is  45mm dia. x 72mm long. These are intended as possible replacements for the smaller HXTs. The quality of the TowerPros does not look as good as that of the HXTs but we'll give them a try in "Blunt Instrument" at Franklin Institute event in October