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Drill motors

18 September 2005

I finished up the second set of tubes and cut 4" sections of the 7/8" diameter tubing which will be used to mount the axle bearings.

McMasters just delivered the 1" thick walled square tubing that will be used to form the Motor mounts, a couple of steel axles and some Bronze "Oilite" type  flanged bushes.

A trial assembly of the parts that will make up the axle that they all fit together OK. The Bushes are too loose a fit into the 7/8" tubes but we'll find a way  of tightening them up.

The last major part of the chassis that needs to be welded on is the motor mounting bracket. This is formed from a four inch section of the 1" square tubing.

I cut the 4" section using a metal cutting blade in my mitre saw. I can't really advise this method as its hard the clamp the tube properly so it not very  safe. Its very noisy and messy as well as you use wax as a lubricant.

I then cut away one side of the tube using my trusty Dremmel clone. It took about 12 disks to do the two tubes. A little filing later the parts fit perfectly.

Slots were created by drilling multiple 1/4" holes and filing them together. These will allow adjustment of the weapon drive belt by moving the motor back and  forth.

In order to allow wires to pass between the two main tubes I used the 7/8" holesaw to cut a hole in the bottom of the main tube.  An grommet will be used  to protect the cables from chafing where they pass through. 

Its important that the chassis is welded up correctly with the weapon axle perpendicular to the rear tube etc. A 1/2" bolt and some wood scraps form a jig that  should allow the initail tack welds to be made.

The jig and chassis parts will be taken to the the welding shop tomorrow.

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