CheepShot 4.0
12lb Bar Spinner
Drill motors

CheepShot 2.0

CheepShot 2.0 was designed in about a day and a half so that we could get its parts watercut the same time as those for our 30lber Xhilarating impaX. It uses Harbor Freight 12v  Drill motors and Batteries and Mtronik ESCs.

Designed in Solidworks it is a simple 2WD armoured wedge.

The drills were bought when on special offer from Harbor Freight . The offers come around at regular intervals so its well worth waiting.

The only tricky part of stripping them down is remembering that the small screw that secures the Chuck has a left hand thread. Turn clockwise to loosen. You  are left with a lot of Junk.

These are the only really useful parts. The gearboxes need to have the clutch disabled by screwing a few  10-24 grubscrews into the holes all the ball  bearings fell out off...

The Battery packs need cycled a few times to get them tpo hold a good charge. They are not great but the price is right!

I used two Msonik3 Marine-Eco ESCs. At $35 they were the cheapest 12v ESCs available. I have not had any problems with them though apparently others have. They have no Brake feature but are easy to set up and seem to handle the power without problems.

I repackaged the battery pack by wrapping them in glass fibre rinforced tape and soldered on new leads with Radio shack power connectors.

Here you can see the two packs fitted and the two skateboard wheels used as castors. The wheels help a little in being able to drive in a straightline, but  only a little! The main wheels and hubs are from www.cncbotparts.com (no longer in business)

CheepShot 2.0 as ready for Motorama. the side wings are so that it will run inverted as otherwise it falls onto the front wedge. Thats what you get for  designing in a hurry.