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Robot Rumble 2009

Carolina Combat Robots, Team Moon and Team Rolling Thunder got together to set up a display of Combat Robots at the second annual Robot Rumble being held on March 14th 2009 at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina

The event was advertised on television locally and was busy all despite the pretty dismal weather. This venue would make a good loaction and time for a combat robots event and we are looking into doing this next year. Chuck has a nice Ant and beetle arena and there is room for a 16x16 arena if we could generate enough interest.

Poster for the event

The Venue.

The main display line. We played Old Robot Fights on the big screen.

Kitbots ready to Sumo

Team Moons Heavyweight "Gerald"

"Surgical Strike" and "Flatline".  The Laptop was playing a video of their fight at Motorama 2008

Sumo. Each kid got three trys to push their opponent off the podium. This picture was taken at a quiet time. There was usually a three deep crowd watching and waiting to have a go.

Local News Channel 14 report.  That me at the start!