Saifu 2


The prototype kit is called Saifu (the Swahili word for the Army Ants common in Africa). 

The chassis has 1/4" UHMW walls, 1/16" UHMW Armor and 0.030" 7075 Aluminum top, bottom and bulkhead panels.

The 28-22 outrunner weapon motor is built into the Drum.  The prototype uses a 1900kv motor on 3S LiPo to give about 20,000 RPM.

Nutstrip holds the panels together and the kits can use Banebots or liteflight wheels on the provided drive motors.  Here I used Banebots wheels.

Suggested Parts list - V1.2

An Army of Ants.    This is my series of articles for Servo Magazine that covered the design and build of the prototype.

Warning, its a big file :)

Mike Jeffries "Klazo", built from a Saifu Chassis kit and a Homebrewed drum.

Saifu v Klazo. 

The first "Turnkey" Saifu.

It has a heavier drum, heavier teeth and a slots added to the drum to make it easier to replace the Motor if necessary.