SS1 Kit

This Chassis is an improved version from that used on our successful new 12lb Bar Spinner Surgical Strike .  This bot took 3rd place in it very first competition at Motorama in February 2006, second place in the 2006 Nationals. , 1st at Robogames 2007 and recently 1st (with its near twin "Blunt Instrument" taking 3rd place) at Motorama 2008 first again in 2009, 1st at Carolina Combat and a 2nd placing at Franklin 2008. This means that "Surgical Strike" was ranked world #1 and also ranked #7 in the "all time" rankings as recently published in this Servo Magazine article. A music video of some of the fights is here on Youtube.

Improvements include a larger diameter and longer top tube and a longer bottom tube to allow a little extra space on the inside as that proved tight in the prototype.. The larger top tube will allow the use of 6S A123 Batteries or 6S LiPo's.  Chassis weighs about 2 lb. An added improvement for 2008 was an increase from 1/2" to 5/8" in weapon axle diameter.

The bot uses cordless drill motors for drive and the prototype uses a cheap 50-55 brushless Motor from Hobby King to power the weapon. The tubes are 1/8" thick 6061 Aluminium for the top tube and 1/16" for the bottom tube. We tried going with a thinner top tube but this was unsatisfactory and resulted in chassis damage in combat (we still took a first and a second place!).

 Brackets for mounting a roll over hoop and to allow easy mounting of the Weapon motors are provided. All parts are professionally TIG welded together. A bearing mount is welded into the front of the top tube to allow you to use standard Oilite bearings and 5/8"axles. A article I wrote for Servo magazine on the weapon mounting is attached here  and of a new blade and hub for 2010 here.


This Bot will be offered as a basic chassis only and is intended  for more experienced builders. Spinners are dangerous and the prototype is quite capable of causing severe injuries to the builder, operator or spectators. It should only be operated  or tested within an  suitable arena and with strict adult supervision..