CS3 Kit

The CS3 kit has a 0.25" Polycarbonate chassis and is powered by two Speed 550 motors that power all four wheels.  It was developed as a 12lb Hobbyweight fighting wedge/brick and had some success cumulating in the prototype CheepShot 3.0 winning the 2006 national championship. A local high school bought three of the kits to use for a "Real Fighting Robots" summer camp.  The original investment was recovered in less than two weeks of half day classes.  The Schools kits are now in their sixth year of use and showing little signs of wear.

When the kit was developed back in 2004 it was more than capable of facing any of the weaponed bots around at that time. The sport has moved on and the rapid increase in effectiveness of Drum and Bar spinners has meant that it no longer is tough enough for combat but it is still plenty tough enough for use in "Bot Hockey" and Sumo applications

The background of its design and build can be found here

The build manual can be found here:

CS3 Build Manual

The prototype "CheepShot 3.0" has fought for more than two years  and over 29 fights without major damage.

It is the 2006 12lb National Champion

Team Moons "Kitt" shows how the kit can be adapted. It now features a lightened chassis, twin wedges and even a flame thrower!