15 May 05
2 June 05
20 June 05

June 20, 2005

The S7 for the armour has arrived. I got it from www.toolanddie.com

The first Xhilarating impaX had full front and rear corners only in 1/8" S7.  

Xi 2.0 is designed to be as small as possible thus reducing the area requiring armour. This allowed me to increase thickness to 3/16" and have the same  thickness on all four sides. The Top and bottom will be 1/4" Lexan, up from the 3/16" on the original.

The Lexan panels of the chassis are used as templates for the cutting to shape of the S7. I used a Jigsaw to cut the parts to length..

The position of the mounting holes were spotted through using the Lexan part as a guide and then drilled all the way though using the drill press.

All four sides cut and mounted on the chassis. The armour plates were cut later to the correct width using Billy Moons Bandsaw and are now with the Heat  Treaters. I decided on RC50 this time so that it will be a little less brittle than the RC 55 I hardened the old 1/8" plates.

The gearboxes have two bearing to support a cantilevered shaft but since the shaft had to go through 3/8" lexan a little extra support was added by pressing in  a bronze flanged bearing.

The three main bulkheads inside the chassis were cut using paper templates from 1/4" lexan..

Originally I was going to have tabs on the ends of the bulkheads but I decided tpo do with these to improve the strength of the main front to back panels.

The gearboxes are held together using four M3 35mm long screws. I replaced these with 40mm long ones to give more thread engagement.

I also modified the front bearing housings on the Mini-EVs so that my gear puller would fit properly allow easy removal of the gear from the motor as I have  several motors but only two gears!

Here you can see most of the Lexan panels assembled together. Even without the top and bottom panels fitted it is very rigid. 1/2" square Nut strip is used in  the four corners. This bigger strip will soon be added to the "Kitbots" section as it will be usefull in building the bigger bots.

We took the chassis, armour etc up to be weighed at our local post office and it looks like we will be about 25lb fully built. A little further underweight than I would like but a  lot better than being 1lb over!