15 May 05
2 June 05
20 June 05

June 2, 2005

We've been preparing the Mini-Evs and cutting out some of the panels for the new 30lber.

I used a length of heatshrink over a 0.1uF Capacitor between the two motor connections. I've found just the one Cap enough to prevent interference problems in the past.  I'll add more if required.

To ensure a solid connection to the motor I used crimped on spade connectors on 14GA silicon wire.

And then soldered the spade on to the tab on the motor and soldered the cap lead at the same time.  I was carefull to get the positive and negative leads on the  same tab on each motor so that they will be straight replacements if required.

Two motors down, two to go.....

We decided to save some money in watercutting the chassis. I made full size prints of the various panels of the chassis and glued them on to one of the Scrap 3/8" lexan  sheets we got recently.

I then centrepunched and drilled out all the holes. The big 5/8" holes I'll hopefully get done by a friend as I don't have a big enough bit for those and his mill will  make a more accurate job.

An hour or so of jigsawing later the first four panels are almost ready. They aren't quite as neat as watercut parts but should still work fine.

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