Weta 2


Trilobite is Kitbots new Beetleweight Brick/Wedge Kit.

Designed as an entry level bot to give newcomers to the sport a way of building a competive machine without the complexities and expense of an active weapon.


Build Article from Servo Magazine - pdf

Article about alternate wedges

Building on the technology developed for the Weta Drum Beetle kits, Trilobite use 3/8" UHMW main  rails combined with watercut 7075 Aluminium panels and mini nutstrip to construct a rigid and very tough base chassis.

Drive is provided by four 1000rpm Motors, 2.25" Liteflight Wheels powered by a 4S LiPo Battery. The wheels are well protected by UHMW side armor but exposed at the rear so as to ensure they can always get a grip and reduce the chance of the bot getting trapped.

A wedge can be securely attached to the front of the bot using a 1/4" Titanium axle.  Wedge shown is one made for its first competition.  No wedge is supplied with the kit although kitbots can make one on request.

Trilobite before Shiele Museum Event

Weight Calc spreadsheet    Updated 06122015

igs file of chassis

Step file of chassis

pdf of Chassis

Trilobite after taking 1st place at Franklin 2011

Trilobite versus "Grande Tambor"   1st encounter.

Grande Tambor Vs Trilobite (2nd Fight)