Mill and Lathe

The Team


The team is based in Cary, North Carolina and the membership has  varied over the years but currently consists of myself (Peter Smith)  and my son Andrew

We're British, Myself and the kids born in Scotland whilst my wife Julie is English. We now live in the USA after my job was  moved out here.

I design cover sets for some of IBM's Servers and moved in early 2000 to work at IBM's RTP development location after 17 years working in the UK.   Other interests are DIY, Model rocketry and  really anything of a technical or scientific nature.

 Former team member Mark Harrison has two bots of his own, Man O War a middleweight that fought at NCRSFIII and elsewhere as "Two Fisted" and a 12 lber called Kung Fu Monk.


 Past members have been included Jeff Barklett who dabbles in Autonomous Robots and has a machine shop in his basement and also Ken Boone and Rodney Radford who also build Autonomous Robots.