Pololu Models

Solid Models

This section is to allow access to the solid models that I and others have created in the process of designing our robots. They are to the best of my knowledge  reasonably accurate but no guarantees! If you find any inaccuracies let me know. I can't promise to update them but I will try to make sure the problems are documented on the site. I have received some of these models  from various people and if you believe that they are yours I will remove them at your request.

I have included SolidWorks sldprt and igs versions of each when possible so that they can be easily imported into SolidWorks and other CAD software.

If you have any models of commonly used  parts and would like to add them to this site please e-mail me at kitbots@nc.rr.com

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Further models are available at:   Team Mad Overlord