The Big Move!

The Mill and Lathe

I have wanted a good milling machine ever since I used a friends one to help build our original heavyweight, Xtreme impaX.

We have muddled through getting parts made by others but it has sometimes been a close run thing getting parts made in time.  I was tempted several times to get a cheap small mill from the likes of Harbor Freight or Grizzly but knew it was not really what I wanted or needed to do the bigger work required for anything over a 30lber.

 I had been watching Ebay etc. for a good Bridgeport  Mill at the right sort of price and not several States distant as I knew moving one was not going to be cheap. I was talking about this to a colleague at work who works in our model shop and he said he had a Mill and lathe in his workshop but since he had injured his back he had been unable to use them for several years. It took a bit of persuasion over the next year  before he finally decided he was willing to sell them to me.

The Mill is an 1968 Canadian built Ex-Cell-O 602 with a 1.5HP motor and a 9" x 42" Table. It has a variable speed head and a power drive on the X axis. It also weighs almost 1.5 tons!  I was not really looking for a lathe yet but since he offered them as a package at a reasonable price I bought it as well. It is a 12 x 36 Clausing 5912(?), again with Varispeed. It came with a 3 and 4 jaw chuck, an Aloris quick change tool post set and a lot of other useful tooling.

First job was to get them moved to my garage.



They were moved on the back of a Car recovery vehicle. This proved to be the ideal machine for the job.



The bed of the truck could be tipped and extended and was powerfull enough that the edge could be used to lift up one edge of the mill to allow the castors to be refitted.



The guys really knew what they were doing and made a job I was dreading look pretty easy. The best $200 I've spent in a long time.



The Mill and Lathe are tucked to one side of the Garage so Julie can still get the minivan in as well.



We needed to fit skids to the machines before we could move them around the back to the bot cave. The Lathe was done first with the aid of a couple of farm jacks.



We borrowed a pallet jack from Team Moon to be able to safely lift the Mill to get its 6 x 6 skids in place.